Branded Editing

Social video is quickly becoming the flagship of advertising and marketing revenue. I have ideated, pitched, produced, and edited YouTube content for brands like Amazon, Fox Home Entertainment, NBC, SyFy, USA, E! Entertainment, NBC Sports, and more. These videos have garnered billions of views and engagements online and generated millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Narrative Editing

With my eclectic background and degree in drama from Syracuse University, I pride myself in being a story-first editor. I prioritize the director's vision for a project and avoid just punching keys to get a 'cool edit.' Editing is a physical and empathetic experience for me. I have worked on numerous films and series that have traveled the festival circuit and can be found streaming online. 

Docu-style Editing

Communicating a brand's story is it's own kind of puzzle. Whether it's advertising a product to sharing the experience of a big event, video is the primary medium of communicating that message. I've created video for local musicians, online product sales, nonprofits like Habitat For Humanity, and more.

Branded Post Producing

I have worked with agencies and brands to usher projects through post production to TVC and social platforms worldwide. During my time as a Post Producer at VaynerMedia I oversaw and led a team of editors, colorists, audio engineers, and designers to bring commercials to prime time television during events like the World Series.